"Book of the Sea" - Loombound x Phii

Something really special is going to happen on Friday at Phii. For the first time we'll not be dropping vintage, but beautiful handmade pieces of art, called the "Book of the Sea", created by Loombound.

Last April, when I was traveling in California with my little girl, I came across the beautiful crafts of Erica, who is the founder of Loombound. When I saw the "Book of the Sea" - I knew I had to bring home a few to Netherlands. 

The clamshells are extraordinary, found in Washington State and ethically harvested. Erica has been making these shellbooks for 10 years and this edition is called 'Sea Change', it's an ode to this time of transformation and a call to embrace the natural beauty, strength and the poetic vulnerability of ourselves and our mother waters.


The books range in size from 3.5" wide to 4" wide (8.9 cm x 10.10 cm). When held they completely fill up the palm of the hand and have a tangible weight and beautifully tactile presence. They are bound with 54 handcut pages of 90lb Arches 100% watercolor paper. Materials include white cotton paper, white linen thread, and ethically harvested clamshell in creamy white tones. The first page is blind embossed with the title "Book of the Sea" and the last page is stamped with Loombounds creator, date, and edition number.

These books have travelled with me, from California to Netherlands and I can't wait to set them free.

Available on our website at Friday September 17th, 8pm CEST

Make sure to give @loombound a follow on instagram - you'll be in awe of her creations and the art of journaling. 



 Photos by @ericaekrem @loombound

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