Book of the Sea - by Loombound

The “Book of the Sea” is created by Loombound - Each book is made from Butterdam Shells, ethically harvested on Orcas Island, Washington State. Bound with linen thread and 54 handcut pages of 90lb Arches 100% watercolor paper, wrapped with recycled silk ribbon which can be easily removed.

This edition of Book of the Sea is called 'Sea Change', an ode to this time of transformation and a call to embrace the natural beauty, strength and the poetic vulnerability of ourselves and our mother waters.

We have 5 shell books available. Each book is unique by size, hue and shape.  When held they completely fill up the palm of the hand and have a tangible weight and beautifully tactile presence. 

It’s the most beautiful book I ever laid eyes on, a piece of art - I had to bring them with me from California last spring and overseas to Netherlands. Delphi and I write special moments in our book of the sea - memories, dreams, songs. I hope one of these books can find a way to your home as well to hold your words.

Available Friday / 8pm CEST

"May the beauty of the sea be with you" - Erica, creator of Loombound

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